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MJM Real Estate Group

Competitive Edge Realty

A third-generation realtor, Michael was raised in a home where residential and commercial real estate was at the core of the family business. Taking a very active role, the experience Michael gained with his family afforded him a keen awareness of equity, contracts, logistics, and attention to detail. He went on to attend LeTourneau University where he discovered a love for aviation and graduated in 1985 with an ATBS.  


During the last 35 years, Michael has worked hard to fine-tune his skill set and combines his passion for real estate and aviation as he captains a Falcon 2000LX for Million Air Dallas, and works as a real estate agent for 

Competitive Edge Realty. The opportunity and privilege of flying US presidents, legislators, business professionals, entertainers, their family, and friends all over the world has given Michael a true competitive edge.  


In the end, it’s all about arriving at your destination safely through knowing the obstacles, being aware of the hazards, and planning for contingencies. A tireless work ethic and fanatical passion for excellence have been the trademarks of his career as he does his part in helping you find your way home.

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